Amsterdam Branded Content

Amsterdam Branded Content is a creative media agency where multi media formats for brands are developed and produced. We create media campaigns, short form online content and television.  We are working closely together with BlazHoffski/Warner to ensure the biggest reach for your brand.




 Brands will be the broadcasters of the future

Television is changing and so is advertising. We believe that in order to engage with your target audience in this new era,  you need to entertain them, intrigue them and above all interact with them. We create branded content, short form video and mediastrategies to achieve these goals. Because your audience today is your customer tomorrow.


Two creative minds, Harm van de Kuil and Yorn Wynants, started Amsterdam Branded Content in autumn 2016.  With their extensive background in advertising and television, they combine the two things which are vital to create succesfull branded content stories.

Yorn has been a director and editor-in-chief for almost 20 years and has created, among others, various hit formats in the Netherlands, like Verborgen Verleden (Who Do You Think You Are), Adam zkt. Eva (Adam looking for Eve), The Big Escape, Peking Express, World Most Dangerous Roads and has an extensive international  network.

Harm is a succesful Creative Director with over 25 years of experience in advertising for countless brands, like Hyundai, Coca-Cola, Nescafé, Ola and many  more.

We are a creative agency that loves to create compelling and authentic short form content. In these stories we translate not just the values of your brand.  We are always thinking further to have these stories found online by a keen marketing strategy.

In Februari 2017 we started to work closely with the established production company  of BlazHoffski/Warner. By working together we offer you the extended use of the global network of WarnerBros. and promise  you the quality that you need for your brandstories.

BlazHoffski is known for many successful Dutch TV-formats like: Hello Goodbye, Toren C and Who Do You Think You Are. Brand campaigns: Shell, Unilever and ABN AMRO. For more information about BlazHoffski, visit or contact us by phone at +316 2955 0863


New leads

As autumn has come to town, things are heating up in our new office. We are working on three cases that are on their way to find their audiences early next year. A Dutch hotel group has asked ABC to come up with a media strategy to create buzz around their rebranding. For a fashion …

Amsterdam Branded Content is proud to work with BlazHoffski / Warner

In February 2017 we started a collaboration with BlazHoffski Productions who are part of Warner Bros. since 2011. By working together with this very well established production company we can offer the extended use of the global network of Warner Bros. Thanks to this strategic corporation, BlazHoffski has access to Warner Bros.’ extensive format catalogue, while Warner Bros. makes the internation …


Harm van de Kuil: +316 34938302

Yorn Wynants:  +316 29550863